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Turn-Key Foundations

Custom Digital Websites

Get more than just a website.  Includes cybersecurity, digital integration, conversion content, hosting, marketing tools and more.  

Want a website that not only looks terrific but is safe and works?  Leave it to our web experts at BridgePact Creative.  Our professional web development teams know just what it takes to build an eye-catching website with conversion content for your target markets.


Hackers on the Dark Web may be targeting your business website and data.   

In 2016, 43% of small business owners (1,000 employees or less) were targets of cyberattacks. Download our FREE Cybersecurity Report.  Learn about the myths and facts of what is happening on the Dark Web and how you can protect your business.

Social Media Marketing

Improve Your Brand!

​Have you started using social media marketing for your business? Are you not quite sure how it's working for you?  Are you seeing results? How do you stack up against others in your industry?  How do you stack up against your competition?   What are people saying about your business?

Our BridgePact specialists provide actionable editorial calendars to take your social media marketing and review/reputation management to the next level. Learn how well your social media efforts are working for you and measure those results. Get your target markets engaged with your business

Cause-Driven Marketing

                                             For Business Owners

BridgePact Non-Profit is a powerful non-profit platform exclusively designed for business owners.  In today's competitive marketplace, it's not enough to just give to charities.   According to Cause Marketing Forum, over 89% of consumers are more loyal to businesses that care about the same social issues they do.  Through our unique turn-key foundation system, you can now leverage your giving to expand customer loyalty, increase your leadership influence and expand your brand.

The BridgePact Non-Profit platform provides everything you need from built-in administration, Board of Directors, IRS reporting and online donation links.   Our turn-key foundation platform is a perfect solution to help business owners create a lasting legacy for future generations.

What's Being Said About Your Business Online?

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Digital Advertising

BridgePact has developed a state-of-the art digital advertising platform that delivers powerful, measurable results.  Our media/advertising platforms drive your brand, increase your web traffic, and most importantly, convert that traffic into powerful ROI for your business. Thanks to Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology, traditional banner advertising has been reborn.  By using behavioral and user data to target specific audiences (similar to how search engines use keywords) banner ads can now produce results like never before.