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Contextual Targeting Categories

Here are just a few of the available targeting criteria

Our platform has tens of thousands of very specific categories that can be targeted, however, to keep it manageable, we have decided to utilize the standard IAB category list, which consists of 23 top-level categories and approximately 200 categories in total.

Whenever an impression comes into the system, the URL of the impression is passed through a classification system.  When the URL has been evaluated, it returns with several categorizations, along with a number that indicates the relevancy score of each attributed category.   If it matches your criteria, your ad is shown.




Our platform scans sites for content relevant to the category you selected.

The best matches for your category are selected and your ad is shown.

Select a category based on the content of your ad.

Contextual Targeting In Action!

How Our Contextual Targeting Platform Works...

No Contracts

No Commitments

Since ads are sold at an auction model, the price you pay for each ad view depends on what other people are bidding.  With BridgePact Media, you only pay for ad space when you are the bid winner and your ad is actually shown.

Custom Pricing

Once you agree (which we think you will) that BridgePact Media is something special, your BridgePact Business Consultant can provide you with a custom quote to get started



BridgePact Media provides monthly data statistical reporting. Instead of guessing how your dollars are performing, be able to see how they're actually performing with our RTB digital platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

Only Show Ads On Pages That Show Specific Content!

You can now target the placement of your ads on pages that only contain relevant content.  Our contextual targeting engine scans the content of webpages before they load, and categorizes them based on the topic of the content, finding the best matches for the placement of your ads.

Why Contextual Targeting?