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Once you agree (which we think you will) that BridgePact Media is something special, your BridgePact Business Consultant can provide you with a custom quote to get started.

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Advanced tools such as auto-optimization, 3rd party ad tag support and brand protection, help you with any of your campaign needs.

Our media platform provides media specialists that will help create powerful ad campaigns that generate results.

Performance controls enable our media specialist to customize your campaigns to meet your marketing objectives or performance goals.

BridgePact Media offers some of the most transparent granular reporting in the industry.

We not only tell you on what page your ad was served, but also where on the page it appeared. The performance of each campaign creative can be tracked independently.  And if you need a helping hand, our dedicated account manager can help you identify insights from your campaign data.

Real-Time Stats

Did you know?

You can use the demographics characteristics of a neighborhood together with hyper-local targeting to reach your desired audience.

Hyper Local

Target mobile users

using GPS coordinates.

Show your ads on mobile devices located within a defined area.   Using GPS coordinates as the target,  you can set the radius for serving ads,  accurate to a few feet.    Hyper-local targeting allows you to engage your target audience when they are where you want them to be.

In addition to carrier targeting, you can also utilize our powerful device targeting feature for even greater control.  You can target down to the manufacture , handset, operating system and browser.   Choose from dozens of unique device combinations.



How It Works

Mobile targeting  capabilities allow you to run your ad campaigns on specific devices, hand sets, operating systems and even carriers.   Combine that with geographic targeting and you have the makings for a powerful mobile internet campaign!

Targeting Criteria

  • Manufacture: Apple
  • Model: iPhone
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Carrier: AT&T
  • Geo-location: Chicago

Mobile advertising is the future

Traffic is already exploding and sales of mobile devices are dwarfing sales of personal computers.  Forecast show that the mobile phone market is set to quadruple in the next four years.   The time to capitalize is now!

Did you know?

The majority of mobile traffic comes from apps.   Apps make up more than 80% of mobile inventory.  Of that, 50% is made up of games and social networking apps.

No Contracts

No Commitments

Since ads are sold at an auction model, the price you pay for each ad view depends on what other people are bidding.  With BridgePact Media, you only pay for ad space when you are the bid winner and your ad is actually shown.



BridgePact Media provides monthly data statistical reporting. Instead of guessing how your dollars are performing, be able to see how they're actually performing with our RTB digital platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

Hyper Local Targeting

Carrier Targeting

Device Targeting

Targeting by carrier is a great method to optimize mobile ad campaigns.   Every carrier has a distinct demographic of customers, thus performing differently for different campaigns.  Choose from over 100 carriers in the US, UK and Canada.

Reach Your Audience Anywhere They Go

Why Mobile Advertising?