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Attract more donors!   

Your donors will appreciate the low-cost of working with an experienced fiscal sponsor who is committed to keeping administrative cost to a minimum.  This leaves the majority of donations available to make a difference and fulfill the mission of your non-profit.  

​Our public charity fiscal sponsors have an outstanding team of professionals including an experienced Board of Directors, dedicated Executive Directors and support staffs to help you grow your non-profit.

Your financial supporters will appreciate that you have partnered with an experienced public charity that carries a stellar Guidestar rating with transparency and an excellent reporting relationship with the IRS.

Fiscal sponsorship with a qualified and dedicated public charity is the most cost-effective and easiest way to get your new non-profit started!


What is a fiscal sponsor?    

A fiscal sponsor is an established public charity who offers their 501c(3) non-profit status to qualified charitable programs.  All the benefits of having your own non-profit without the burden and legal responsibilities.

A dedicated and experienced fiscal sponsor handles all of the day to day administration, bank account disbursements and IRS reporting for your non-profit.

​You choose your non-profit name, mission and fund raising board.   Our fiscal sponsor provides all of the required fund reporting for your non-profit and is legally responsible for the handling of all funds.   Your responsibility as the program manager is to raise money and direct how those funds will be spent for your mission purpose.

​The best part of applying to a fiscal sponsor is that the approval time runs 8-12 weeks as opposed to waiting 1-2 years or longer.


Save Huge $$$ With A Fiscal Sponsor

Save on both start-up and ongoing cost!

You have two options    

  1. Apply directly to your state for a 501c(3) corporation.  That will require articles of incorporation and a 1 to 2 year wait with NO guarantee of approval.   If you are approved you will have to hire a competent administrative staff to run your non-profit. You will need insurance, attorneys, qualified accountants and much more.  The IRS complexities are constantly changing.
  2. ​Or you could contract BridgePact Non-Profit and let us show you how to take your charitable idea and set it up with a ficsal sponsor. 


Turn Key

The BridgePact Non-Profit Platform

The BridgePact non-profit platform helps its clients to set up their own fiscally sponsored non-profit (also known as foundations and charitable programs) which are a great non-profit 501c(3) entity for cause-driven entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are extremely busy people focused on running their business, not a second business.  This non-profit business model is completely turn-key, easy to start, affordable and comes with built-in fiscal administration.   

A fiscally sponsored turn key non-profit will not only create your social voice, but it can also receive grants, donations and impact your business and community in powerful ways.

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