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  • Time-based rules ensure your retargeting ads are shown when customers are most likely to respond and no longer.
  • Frequency controls pace the delivery of your ads to prevent over-exposure.
  • Untarget specific users, such as past customers or existing users, so you aren't wasting resources on low-value prospects.


BridgePact Media offers some of the most transparent and granular reporting in the industry.   We not only tell you on what page your ad was served, but also where on the page it appeared.   The performance of each campaign creative can be tracked independently.  And, when you need answers, our media specialists can help you identify insights from your campaign data.

Did You Know?

Retargeting is not just for re-engaging with lost visitors.  It can also be used to up-sell and cross-sell products to past customers.

Size Matters

Finding a specific user on the web can be a lot like finding a needle in a haystack.   BridgePact Media is partnered with the world's largest media buying platforms.   These platforms are integrated with all the major ad exchanges (including Google's DoubleClick Exchange) and sees over 30 billion impressions every single day.  If a user on your retargeting list visits one of the 68,000 + websites available through our partner platform, we will show them your targeted ad.

The goal is to move the customer to the next stage of the sales funnel.   But, abandonment can occur at any stage.   Retargeting allows you to re-engage with the visitors and tailor your message in order to get them back into the appropriate stage of the sales funnel!

  • Visit your site, or specific pages on your site.  Target your messages to them based on where in the sales funnel they are located.
  • Click on your ads, or open your email newsletter.  Target your message to them based on where in the sales funnel they are located
  • Leave your site without purchasing.  Second chance to convert an interested consumer.
  • Abandon a shopping cart.  Complete the purchase using discounts or other incentives.
  • Make a purchase.  customer-retention and post-sale up selling!

Reach Visitors Who...

Move Down The Funnel

Did You Know?

Up to 98% of online visitors will leave a site without converting and shopping cart abandonment rates can be as high as 80% for some retailers.

How It Works

  1. BridgePact places a retargeting tag on your website.
  2. This tag places a cookie in the browser of the people that have visited your store, open your newsletter or clicked on your ads - this is your retargeting list.
  3. We are then able to show specific ads only to those users in your retargeting list.

No Contracts

No Commitments

Since ads are sold at an auction model, the price you pay for each ad view depends on what other people are bidding.  With BridgePact Media, you only pay for ad space when you are the bid winner and your ad is actually shown.



BridgePact Media provides monthly data statistical reporting. Instead of guessing how your dollars are performing, be able to see how they're actually performing with our RTB digital platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

Our platform retargeting enables you to reconnect with your users that have visited your  websites.  Most website visitors don't convert on the first visit - they may be simply browsing , comparison shopping, or just don't have a credit card handy.   Retargeting shows ads directly to these high-valued users, after they've left your site, giving you a second (and third) chance to close the sale.

What Is Retargeting?